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This is just lovely. The eye and hair colors mash so perfectly, it really is a well done design. There's only a few things that catch m...

by Psalmie

Very lovely, I'm happy you did something with her hair, like pulling it back. The skin and the eyes mesh very well together. The added ...



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United States

    Please be aware: This is my personal opinion. Please do not take my opinion as fact or truth.

    I met IMVU as a new home for someone who just didn't fit in the real world. I was alone and yearning for a place to be accepted. Once IMVU and I crossed paths, I had created an unhealthy addiction. Every day, I craved to go home and get on, when mostly I would create outfits and sit in chatrooms that were constantly silent (virtually silent, anyways).

    All I wanted for my birthdays and Christmases was IMVU credits. I regrettably admit that the amount of money I poured into IMVU would equal a couple of car payments. After getting credits, I would generally spend it on outfits. When I had some left over, I'd use it to buy display pictures or homepages.

    But a question I always want to ask my younger self, why buy credits when a good majority of the IMVU population just doesn't care about you? Most of them are not impressed and a lot of the time, they just want to judge you. I've cried so much over this metaverse to the point where I don't feel as much as I did. Whether you see that as a good or bad thing, it's turned me into a semi-emotionless zombie that slouches over a computer just to sit and stare at an empty chatroom. That's not a life. That's actually really sad and I'm so ashamed I put myself through that. My younger self could have achieved more, got over her social anxiety much faster, and had actual, physical friends, as well as summers to remember.

    I've been intensely bullied on IMVU to the point I would quit for a few months. People mocked me, criticized me, and shamed me when they never even took the time to talk to me properly. They even created anonymous hate pages just to ridicule me and plenty of others for their sick thirst of "entertainment".

    IMVU isn't a healthy lifestyle. It's loaded with sociopathic, narcissistic people whose true purpose is to climb a fruitless social ladder. They create fake bonds to create more counterfeit relationships with others just to feed their egotistical minds.

    We, as real people, have a lot more to offer than creating friendships or relationships with people who can easily lie about who they actually are. Instead of spending countless hours staring at an indolent chatroom, we could be out there doing things with our ACTUAL, REAL lives. Yes, IMVU can do things that life can’t, this is true. But we’re physically living and growing in real life. We have actual, physical talents. We have physical families. We have animals that want us to love them. Life is precious, no matter how hard it gets. Make memories of this life, it will pay off one day.

    I will admit, looking past all the negativity, IMVU has helped me grow and good things actually happened from it. I’ve met a lot of great people who have helped me grow into a wiser, stronger woman. My love for digital art grew because of IMVU and I developed a small talent. IMVU is where I got into coding, such as HTML, which expanded into a bunch of other codes, like Java. IMVU isn’t bad, but the addiction might be. I’ve learned a lot of things through these people and I will not regret the good moments and the good people I’ve met on IMVU.

    Please be aware I’m centering this around me and not someone else’s life, this isn’t regarded to everyone and anyone. I KNOW that some people don’t have a family or animals. I KNOW that others have different reasons for being on IMVU, whether the reason being socializing, entertainment, sexual, business, or something else. I’m not judging you for this. I’m not looking down on anyone who wants to be on IMVU. IMVU can actually help people, this is true.

    My TRUE point is that there are people like me who are just stuck on IMVU and have been for a long time. IMVU has limited offers when the world has unlimited content to it. We can do so much and I refuse to keep sitting on my computer for something that ends up hurting me in the long run.

    If anyone took the time to read this, I really appreciate it and I hope you have some thoughts on this matter as well. This subject is very important to me.


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